Why UV-LED Curing Inks?

Why UV-LED Curing Inks?

UV-LED Curing Inks Why UV-LED? Energy savings Heat reduction Longer lamp life Environmentally-friendly Reduced risk of substrate shrinkage So why Nazdar? Nazdar Digital LED Inks are manufactured in an ISO-certified facility. Nazdar Digital LED Inks have consistent high-intensity colors. Nazdar Digital LED Inks meet highest quality standards. Nazdar Screen LED Inks were the first viable LED inks in the market. Nazdar Screen LED Inks come in standard, Pantone, mixing, and halftone colors. Nazdar Screen LED Inks have a variety of market applications. Nazdar Narrow Web LED Inks perform at high production speeds. Nazdar Narrow Web LED Inks are dual-cure (Hg and LED). Nazdar Narrow Web LED Inks are Nestlé-compliant. Nazdar Ink Technologies: Nearly 100 years of experience. Nazdar Ink Technologies: Continuous technological innovation. Nazdar Ink Technologies: Exceptional customer service. LED Curing Inks Learn more at www.Nazdar.com

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