Words at War: Mother America / Log Book / The Ninth Commandment

words ab war or development waterworld coming up in a paper late nineteen forty
two that general wainwright ultimately
headwaters unique tunnel of putting it off all prior uh… simply with seeking a date what most hiding product open opt-in unit you don’t go away and i think the peace
book is called the storm he pushed back a pile of reports since
without the called once before when you had a chance for me i have to stay on here aline ordering you to leave early at all what you mean i think funding rewrites or what if i may add while they’re only dot i want to live in
australia no further point the remaining here at hand and as what was going on by the epidemic of expression and speech
and he was a man who had gone beyond the motion i knew that you would forty two points on the pad i stopped to see something about not
wanting to prove what he put the standoff standards we have
seven and i think a lot for the guy or the f_b_i_ mary what they call for mindanao they were reported in rajasthan character they were reported in what is known to
all carrier cyclical and the people aiken banging i couldn’t find anything to say but would buy a car wake up panorama no when you get to australia though the president be done demagoguery there my bed about uh… god bless lie word at war the national broadcasting company in
cooperation with the console on books in wartime range of another radio adaptation of an
important wobble mother america by colonel carlos piro middle that tonight’s dramatization is
presented in our of bill of rights week colonel carlos piramal filipino editor
who became aide to general douglas macarthur at the outbreak of the war in
the pacific was the last man to lead that long uh… then sunday morning but it doesn’t mind
audubon when japanese rolled over by a higher and you’ll get out in the relation
between the gays in the way begin even though they first bomb store the lives of conduct of meetings with
change as surely as those bombs but allies of john doe the white man of want
all the unit being old of john john the common man a defiant benediction betty young though the white man rosen writers
track and i was speaking demos well what mark on that talk it but he said that i think that
they will probably father john-john the environment and made a pinch it up by
lundy induced and juncture of the show that is is the
invader star in the form and darted you relate the humor he demands where we
have a higher than you think you play a leading warner in greater what where our area but onek bhalo the pilipino had very
definite opinions i will fight i will fight over by then and will fight by the side of the
americans on early american flag eit will not surrender we want all the people of dade buying and looked on but i a m uncorrected dawn bought twenty obs were hopeless bought and spotted through a living hell talked and prayed for him dot com bought unwitting though that would be no
help the jet planes swooped low and probably
that promising safe conduct through the lines of back to his home if one paul
was laid down you dont be quick wide diet with a white man the japanese
but says from all across europe elegantly one call repeated that was right not that these bailey irrational crack
and mules and thought under the deck by the side of the white man by the side of the american under the american bladder liar and y white people and for all the filipino
alone of millions of oriental to faced the japanese asian goes to fight and die the and thirties seat on parole common man of the philippines had something to flee and by default uh… junk yard and common man of the aria
that question for these want all the feeder penal for sophia’s drawer
terminal one poll in historical repeatedly horses orbital winters like our shows parietal
govern ourselves under quite government t i solved used total that you have a right to work
in the philippines uh… as it actually happened but you
know your country white men are being punished her some even by westfall
claims are going to make a cd more europe a fair wages and like like him and then
cool norma portrays anyone land will continue what you’re into a public
school or and even a college is built by americans won’t of course or or july
eighth you’ll may attend disclosure of
president by american through the u_n_ yeoman and your new jersey friends deco cozied up toward mall use not
outside that bistro world you didn’t click over
here wetland and other thing it said or joel that they’ve read or heard like a
template in american law rule contender objection or a way to
america and will be a mission to respect will quantity to be president
irresponsible john job that is the way things are with those in
the philippines or is she received her normal warner then no one can are you will fight to appreciate edward made were taking what we call it even more john job we filipinos probably a promise of
freedom complete independence not just a great promise for some fun
with a future model eight-day cries we’ve set point you are right ait have something what fighting for
john chum a is on december ninth nineteen forty one
when cap plane brought down on monday about one follow the common man made the
decision it bought for america mother automatic he had something to apply for it wasn’t for with like that bloody club blow holy was not always
like that even fifty years ago it was not like
that then the filipinos was so it’s the
beverage spanish landlords you all know now on the phone from
twelve lol analyses from i would be m like for me so the piece of land landlord would add once we have sum of
money for cement farming tools newspaper story play out of there i
spoke with you was indeed get owners of the landlord to
advise you money lol because crops were unsorted he became impossible to repay the loan it will grow from a year to year and children would be born and grow up
center with a bit bookrags air hundred-years-old but wouldn’t be on
people to you that this was unfair hall what they see that with the young people
would go to school and learned that such these were on piano that one those schools for filipinos
running was considered to be a dangerous people and they did the filipino had more advantages warikoo watchdog justice quality of the name may would be a closed and try it in
secret than the with yours more nuclear and nbme quantile union naturally rewarded yes in the end of one dollar devoted
again exploitation greed and the other product the that’d be
needs a lot but they fight for freedom was
interrupted by the spanish-american war and out of this war game america that
they go over to the philippine removed cause that bet that are on power we did not the was letter that for us we we sent the america as wildly as with
countries that that’s plain way weekly lurie simple things well they’ve
white man in the audience they said we could be in a framework in
our own mind’s or our own democracy we re said that what we believe to be
america’s opposition wall freedom what did you do we for the american scene guerrilla
warfare we created a mess climbed devils even the children scholar let american
soldiers i refuse to speak to them america called our recent stance insurrection we pray for the poorly dollars second
revolution pad daily there’s lighting concerning i give you this one last chance arrived in the water terror but still
talking favourite the by you’re next regeneration sagar dot gov dot au overhead like the rope pure at the level of the ammunition and
hidden very well that will be able to remember baidoa a or miro your in the water your departure is
out of the bike dated talk with people who want powell love
anymore than we were already with or not surprised the as we said we’d rather what one wants to expect from me white
men with them angry houston thoughtfully thing happened one dollar from washington d_c_ capitalism game
borders for an investigation officers of the army look right psalm fine psalm dismissed from the army soem simple we support but with on their
own one policy right what we’ve had not been a constant
delight and justice week would not believe it that big nation that we’ve had been
fighting at a crime who picks up companies to on palm
replenish thirty white youths who soldiers lognormal no but being deeply impressed one powell
common man of the philippines he could not cast aside all these
prejudices overnight but slowly american military leaders
began to we need confidence and one of the first to win haha
depressed from one dollar general are from my character be part of a bit about what might that
fit the role of but ban and but you don’t the other macarthur granted amnesty to
all wood made under five he established the rebuild habeas corpus foundation of the bill of rights but getting actinic companies do that
war and when you get a better and maybe what
we know that was captured general arthur macarthur making with the
respect one minute they did a tender than others and the result was far below those
proclamation there admitting that they could have done is
basically what the let managing and accepting the start of the of the
united states brought there but i think that all that they don’t know what out any
reservations whatsoever i believe that i a m that they might be
another company or or or what are the people what bubby common man one dial hyatt without weeks away too you destroy that our armed resistance
against american heart compliment when i got what huaman who bitterly for
you the spirit was impressed with something some other
crap done what steel pipe was not a little bit of
conventional park quently intentions in my own mind and heart in my only i continued my fight for freedom what as time went by full of strange
into court what kind of strange things where these
one fellow well one injustice of court we pulled a moderately american
authorities equation astonishing we won a simple we’d we spent lonely the americans what we need the
confidence of oneself there was the case of an american who
charged up early to think of it he was arrested by pilipino polly’s
right before a filipino job convicted and imprisoned in a filipino
jail we’d be looking over our there were fewer lawyers to talk about
the job that they would be no client they were caught that they’ve been
disbarred at that they would have been at home in
the united states the great soldier general arthur
macarthur appeared before a senate committee to testify on behalf of the
filipinos such consideration of subject peoples had never been here on in the empire
he’s career policy albeit was not blow up the bond gunned down one follows fellow audience in is hit
with colin powell that or or just have been built by
americans for the working he the diesel by a at work too uh… school is workin c systems over a celebration of being
stored in their home but you’ve been seeing probably many improvements wall old floor again your arnaldo i’m going to want all i am not content one or two o’clock local what what more
do you ask i as clark one actual always ask john
john by show always as quart independence normal v_s_ orenthal clung to his dream of
freedom although he was the first to admit that the life of the combat that
for instance the coming of the american not only roads and primary schools but
high school and even universities would not open to
the child of one thousand common man hospitals would be disease which had the ravages of people
vanished in proportion and gradually more and more political
advantages work police in filipino friends in nineteen hundred and seventy
elections were held for the assembly the first philippine legislature met one hundred thousand votes i’ve been passed by a filipino uh… what inquiry important would that be
will be but been predicted the mutual understanding and respect seat hoof prints were important to us winston’s a national holiday were set aside by the
americans in owner of the great for the pinnochio we saw it i’d been executed as a horrible on that
explains why that in priesthood beaten the club the
hot seat what he saw was due to all of us economy owner shot by the spine yards and forced to stand with his back to the
firing squad so that he would be shot in the back what i did but he’ll ask used a few one
of the phrase rifles died facing them he might even victoria a little bit x high was important to us and the all that early two things one po so what source what you would feel more
no consequence well here’s another the american governor general henry
esteem some now the secretary of war gave orders that for all receptions
given into goma spies the invitations were to be divided
equally between filipinos and americans uh… smoking showed it to you and then globalist in support of that all
official balls that if i was to open with a philippine vesperia bangalore and they’re gonna and his wife
themselves who are the best so that they might be fun pleasant being booked what the deep mean to you one double you’ll be common man between march this little thing uh… or the authors they were much too poor for things we were not being displaced person crew
a race we’ll orbin except the press people
spent partners we were being given and twice and toward our fellow or you’d loose use nothing more important geyer guy was the important thing into the any america grew up in the
philippines broke and stumbled on made mistakes but for all the groping and stumbling
america never forgot that paramount element the dignity of the few months old path one fellow wanted more you want to be easy independence freedom was a dream you would never put
aside yet bought spain for freedom in america na london benevolent american rule he began his third fight for freedom and barely enough one thousand eight
voters what a man who had been schooled in america filipinos who had studied in
american universities anna come home again to base the philippine claim for
independence under that a principle of democracy they had learned in america dole filipino leaders emerged what the
cat any fight for independence out into final victory one jedidiah also men are laid the
foundation for independent at home in the philippines the other got a dividing to washington
the capital of america he lost monolayer eric sa related to become president of the
ability here’s the acknowledge leader of a
filipino people he spends the day pass the symbol of
filipino read anything ryan career ought to do that it was a long fight
okay american sentiment generally was reva but there was some americans with
investments in the philippines who said protect our solitaire our country’s but but pretty account of credit of america
the government would not concerned with protecting beatnik infant repeatedly the american businessman was on his own and then there were others who oppose us
but sincerely hired all forgiving the filipinos they’re independent but let’s take it back that i’ve read your book they’re better off the way they are well or the or report never to be leave that the burning love of freedom was pushed
strongly denies we have come to respect in form of america but freedom that was our goal live or even i think it’s been did don’t act was
passed by congress would be a legislative power and priority and
delivering on hand and getting ready for the first time
that promise of freedom by the authority of the united states
from the errol but our efforts were not rewarded each year the municipal councils in the
philippines passed resolutions calling for independence minorities on presented the demand for
the american people the established oppressed bureau in
washington to debit broke about the philippines even published a magazine called a
filipino people all these effort led by money where
empty as on at last may be brave overall filipinos amarillo
pit or are you the structure of opinion and the
president franklin delano roosevelt one billion nineteen thirty-five would be used to get your to the fact is
that both the ended its long struggle philippine independence was definitely
promise for the year nineteen forty feet one paul had one these fight for freedom the debate in just a lot of people you forty four years for a people had
nothing to stock we’ve got a buddy who love of freedom to achieve dot freedom want all of the common man of the
philippines just forty four years ago may have been poverty these children were killed today were denied the advantages of education these towns and cities were too busy to
read them and yet for perot says he’s not seem to
be he did not abandoned his dream of
freedom and they found a sympathetic and a
sincere friend in modern america good forty to when u in forty four years mother a medical aid
be philippi donation to the point when it was ready to fight to get in defense of democracy forty four years something for us to remember to andrea
tempted to say a bothers subject people they are not repair holiday to be prepared are there hundreds of millions of the
east and west to come to an understanding rather let’s go back the common man john john with the audience one bowl of the philippines john dole the white man annual work dawned job uh… air-eye airplane it hard to
understand gender or hardman it comes to reorient it seems your dorm or work impression or taxes who seems to drink exceedingly isn’t racist towards your air may denied
admission on unachieved roger if you’re if you’re a routine in a land where i must work order work
order seven days per week in ran n sometime to
manner tool dollars a week road then now you have done bill trouble with john john who’s not
progressive is not a golden or push to but you really want freedom then they better up with me looking at
the room wattage on chung were given self
government it probably be more wretched and
miserable it is right now removal right now what do you have a one bal
common man of the philippines across all the political board what i know what john john the oriental and john will be quite much adweek book was to john bill jungle you must combo understand john
john but you considered him give basil and given
to sort of thing he’s not that way with his own people because no reason to mistrust them xy as
you john johnny’s not mysterious as you seem
to believe jumbo is super precepts of behavior are
centuries old you are annoyed because he’s not a
go-getter john-john released to be an indignity he does not race against time because he
knows that time would be you mean the end the constant corey chop-chop will be
applied money sent up want to view so too has your superior under two your way of talking down to promptly sort of john chum these are the kind of who’s a crowd don
john chum agnew’s you’ll john doe right right and what do you say to john-john wants
all of the philippines listings you could remove freedom we got dollars and in just forty two years we hope i had nothing to begin with wave that dream come true with the guidance of more than america our pattern york pattern john chum you beat but they’re not all the only hope of peace and probably seen the posse it but they’re not democracy that
brought independence for the philippine yes that there will be one for the world
to work by used to be achieved throughout the world the essence of our world broadband is that all men shall be pretty the atlantic charter laid down the
premise of that world freedom binding deep signatories to respect the rights bulb or people to showed the
form of government under which they will leave in merits of this principle were proven
by america in the philippines through that example we know that educational advantages appear to be the broadway two and infiltration of the principles of
democracy will and war we have been millions ballet and confident people in before we have learned that there are no
economic or spiritual week so great as both made by a war windowless artery with know by now that to create peace we must be brought the weight the same
energy and enthusiasm and industry we have shown in our preparations for
war report to be justified most mean redone board on john as well a
gun bowl we don’t want on p_o_w_s on guard would be really don’t become real and we believe in that unions are these
people in it being dedicated above the docs vvs john calvin and john goal water piping aidid’s bought a bit that these water must be one or ore ore here or a reverend other program in the there is a
word but war passages from other america like colonel
collins here on the bill distinguished filipino editor and
personal aide to general mac often radio adaptation of mother america was
by gerald holland recast included roger did call them as
colonel collins romulo jackson beck alan debit do you know uh… joe dissenters
and bernard level the original music was by william h
meter the production was directed by backpack next week worded war will bring you an
adult please note log book by bright lights here editorial the british
merchant marine wanted war in iraq u_n_ cooperation with
the problem on board in wartime by the nineteen abroad having problem in mandates that bailey had independent
living this broadcast of mother america has
been given in the spirit of bill of rights week now being the celebrated by
the new york journal american and other news papers in throughout the country the or this is the national broadcasting
company words that war presents logbook and camera went into the world one two three were see what you want saved call you pete speak the truth what you know and an englishman i say that my first name is jack i’m sitting there with them politicos don’t buy that but i think they’re good luck appears to be the radio people i’ll ask me tell you what happened day or so fighting for medium others like me leela topping thawed some of us governor apt we were looking i’ve been so badly wounded at i was
losing consciousness but then in them but briefings i remember how one man eleven oh oh held onto middleton the typical sippin
on animal imitated the second engineer with
well at all about thirty feet long smacking away steady shot on a member i remember lots of things yassin plenty of time to think what it was real
upright in the fall robes that war the national broadcasting company in
cooperation with the comes along books in wartime brings you another adaptation
of an important wardrobe logbook by private lives of your british
merchant seaman last year or torpedoed three times in
this war lost a leg of the burden and during his convalescence was invited to pull the microphone for
the british broadcasting company story he told unlike providers hunt albright last year was written logbook anomaly doesn’t tell his own life but a story not on larry it wasn’t all
that for many years insignificant member of the large family on a problem for my parents my father ran a laundry dr silent unrest in went on to me company gumball a lot do it that israel on the implant or are not on
ward whether they’ve got the large bundle that was posted missus
broadly under less pressure stomach rabies on your way back stop at missus possums
and become from dirty linen is that all after all or yes father minority near it’s not because i know probably vinyl one of them and also the season moves
the fate of vic state to state is lacking in atlanta does a banana boat and and and that the
other issue on the other big boy knowledge act two big people more piranha get you the
bride because your mother and i are against us
it was like for you y you know what it said that modestly brothers there are still in
quiet liable and all the sea i know that it makes for the white man
away the man up close jack your headstrong lad and you’re likely to big beautiful what
wisdom you may gather what grownup to big ability at that five and i don’t know that working for
the laundry boy i don’t know worthy new when we’ll see needing non-violent and uh… almost wished he wasn’t and i dreamed of
being bitten by clip and not making it does but it doesn’t get too i’ll admit
scenes of and got a drives in the spanish mating mad about you know when it became was more fun than that sent wednesday technology collection alan before that i did put the money from the two parties that
incident at approximately six thing where you are doing well and all
that hands-on at another it all and at the thinking of what anywhere but it was in the reading that
i’m not a legal pastors say aa yes jet it at a_t_f_ said create the environment there are valid automotive luster eleven oh one technical someone i’ll get your own no perception and just all in london when
they enter one question honest dot that night that at that scene is while there was no longer then
although they although the other way his father was
alone in in in the window of disney disney in he went on the scene developed a list that level in more
later lindbergh official the what those are the stakes are more
likely that was conducted on one side one-sided malice or on the right and left that it led to the standard patient age
field before that happens commander alone the red sea depression
gone about them elevate instead player file and the life of a ship at the library for me in mind will begin to bill clinton but in my own
impostors i didn’t learn much more work off of the boatswain’s watch my life day x but here they get here but i think what the but like that to me yet yesterday’s focus yes maranda art and they are not good at
it get an a static ip expo i know you are trying what a legacy for adventure and yall not
find it instead he’ll spend your life running
away or definition of an uproar different headquartered undiscovered again and all they did was
above the deck the hall of overlay bula bula bula although they were the bonds
and always at his neck although although the will busan i didn’t know anything than eleven years
of going on you and your names the lender let them know what a mother died
almost doubled in their own i had a dog eleven let them in the level
of moses and got for these years of time one day as i was doing some cleaning up bridge
the sailors who apparently ships uh… what his lawsuit let your guard up
in it catches a capitalist self-reliant their arms and shoulders alleged against
disney soonish styles political bullet that alleged doing
reflect spot they work it saleable all at the end of the landing on that date caroline and i hit the landed in a star ability whether but as the lead jack back and best and the
fact that at that moment buttons that way i assume that dick but
i think the deck at first sight pushed diet you know me sunbeam don india and india don except i had a lot of train uh… collateralized kind but is but it was late in the pool crap covered that sick leave did the actual the project and one because somersault landed with a the pool of blood world and he may into formal wallow and wall the he any indeed all and steamy when ever mention the boston went on australia the embers and better copy well all the time product and sculptures lol shot of
myself alertpay dot but without my there where
one m and uh… funneling i’ve got better the being in the evening will helped a little off to the dog and
a third of the vote in addition of a sailor’s role and then listed al anybody on that alamo that i’ll buy that well demagoguery unfair op along with jerry organic why haven’t you written in all these
months the the lives in although the the all all the real there not been than men the years later and that may mean that
you might win and was one of them i went back to the bottom sign on the minimum like the ocean dot com here on our i was seven p m strength by it rumors about the biltmore them come out there the and and and and and and all that is
not even that one when i wouldn’t want to know with a bit
of a belief in myself i was ready to take on it but that don’t and and and
and william uh… wants it the information and i think uh… you come to the back often become thickening sending another continue the capital
u_s_ i know what i mean comes a dip in that
war yet you to do it at that member of the nude strictest organ uh… and another she got me on another note about close
blackness in the good behavior abroad and that is anticipating by
another night or medical white i worked on it trying to sell vacuum cleaners and a
commission basis it would be on the job i could get i couldn’t collect any commissions because i couldn’t cell now that will
bring that reforms were gone the result wasn’t broadband confusion they can make their lab but gottman companies about them that is simply them i broke into ours on fifteen pounds and perfect the police were electrical mister clubs
i was arrested and taken to a local person odd about that with lung doctor kary
mulls intellect was field and that is goldman depression and the potatoes
complain of stopped up laboratories become britain addition of everything
that this plane undercover in life mother and uni uh… that dot and in a band of the room watched over
by loggers cat worked at the time of it i brought keaton gate gak the laying that i wasn’t planning on attending and when i was already a tomato
degradation would not let him know that we have both bheji waterhouse dawn is na by people
like so much money they have on internet laid-back google bonding on and on and
made news what i’ve written about a statement on
the eve of rome abide by them and bogdan nothing was let but did not come up and
wondering in this little light outfit to heads and three months attendees i went home welcome forgiving has some idea a while as our scott in the long distance who saw me gardner one subject no dash laid back ida prep dot then but there weren’t any unmanned so i went back to see fairly amassed a
feeling cheated but that doesn’t make it more victims of at the federal efforts wide-open apart arrived at princeton to make a not
broken room but that dipped three days attempt america i’ve updated the
performance and vicki three hours before the shipment due to
family that from act up and i think that the five description uh… wanted a bed affect the statue is inevitable undetected chip john standout man but backed away when depending quantified on but i can you let them at
do dot signed yet we sailed to mike the tingling varying louis deal
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people momentum and i’ve i’ve i’ve been in a
moment and above that in the paper that for a commute and all three wat tam yes it was one up like a good day from
and and all sulk item number the net cafe in san pedro i thought fatima
stepped-up drive long meadow beyond the bad paul crane manner that hispanic
complexion privileges at that conveys that i uh… did not convince a euro
whatsoever straight up but that it down and read it regarding there is no white bombings and blood show you do the drunken sailor was
a deal with the drunken sailor alleged a bill with the buildings that are uh…
in the war then nobody met the siemens mission as an amount that was the money and started knows them but of course you quarterback today up to the back yeah fitness and clean clothes deep together and pop five days erupting popu different and gag bill joker should plan not she’s there here’s what you need to street new york he broke her work ended trying to recapture of an understanding
of beauty indicated ah… in all along more bold in the should you
use a role in all bull in window leg u_n_ the and there and i want the law in front of my
wedding list and i wouldn’t run away i didn’t mean repressed and cut it private kodak with creator elaborate on the right track reflect
well on the shock products are no longer on the way barry alan palmer sharma daunted by that grudge against in various parts of the load i began to see the love things going on
i haven’t talked much about i think i’m just a fascism the affects of it and it wasn’t that pleasant sight price cyclists feel left progress on
ministry moneyweek i doubt that mall not just that the cap rock for the second
day of commitment of the whenever he was at its highest said the than the
intended recipient what’s going on and on them as per
minute yet and a well as the average say that none of
these poor jerald hernandez did over that already logo acquired i’d poet and note that any
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producer jim kolbe pentagon close air support comming up
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that’s done and watch a lottery it already and i understand
that there is a great pleasure you’re not going to get out of the cross i am
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you happening tonight that i was on a good
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delivered that men the men the men unreasonable but all roadway that soem couple it with a statement we were listening to the violet scent at eight thirty it is coming review it where i’m standing right on again
tomorrow morning witnesses who came to a blanket but i’m
going i’d like to get the ready hun
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eration going get what are we at least country i’m asking
it remember last will and the property is they’ll be around again why risk a large salad jerry that will get fed their we’re
ready for work a what about it yet you can count me in that i’m with you the lol you into the warning blow you in
time all wearing it all together now and bold malval the commando and they’re going to school
at the top of the without because you know that defense one of the day we went
into and and and and old man was there dot them separate collision moneyline moon and i wasn’t sure but just wait what was that fighting for what was i plan to defend eaten no i didn’t really know not planned i’m saying i came on two or three days at the time and say that again on one ship up on the street my friend dick went bad i say that again and i one of those trips there forty-odd shipped planned and what the
lung and convoy through the night requests put it in the end of the wake
of the ship’s most of them becka might go and what can will remember what i
don’t have any it we’re sodomy we’re maranda their in the mirtz below then this spread bear and the role of the bearer more trouble ward samara a within then came around and these are the
resolution reimposition meno one never put the several other than a
leg and what we are in and uh… the bribes and the the the skyways
clearly will not only listen to a new is through there an impact mothers did in the doorway he wasn’t clamp i got out to dinner and atonement lucrative abt it but i came to me when i usually schottky
cuddling steps one cameron in debt your israeli nearing from here and there again truman came to see me you get here it didn’t give a parrot how do you do i’m from the british broadcasting
company onto certain enclaves a heavily in liverpool that you might
have a story to tell the goods to order them would be a
president for you a good start early is going to be using
or you have to do it just people microphone and talk now an army corps that the way that they
connect dot blogspot a they always end what connect us to iraq the sex nipping at their legs and they want that codes politics well repeal i came here to forgive me if
i become a debate polish they get that way stickiness standing up to purchase i’m thinking about tonight means what i want the despotic finding them one man with a little bit
of uh… yet people like to say niamh tactician they don’t know me out
about that but it’s uh… once at what could be in one of my panel mid-life is going to be brought up on
the got it might look they’ve got no dammam autos
sold bill and begins an octagon it’s going to be done so yet the impact
they have to be there when i got out if i get time anybody in keeping with
whom i don’t know but when the walking around in europe
and all of our man it wouldn’t matter i a british favors say often bring back on
forward wallace dot but the copies are absurd that died bummer is that the
raiders briefly dennis volcanic pleaded will apply to all for your way open but by hitting the victim in connecting
fetterman is out there leads waving that peaceful good night but uh… i thought the same i sat in my room in front of the fire with one leg crucify myself all the frustration sport black
placement of my brain the pile became water backwater doc ocean looking in the ocean with the dot body it seemed to realize floating jumped at the receptors the clothes balloon grotesquely about it they had him back water stream into lives in those early
years a great jagged gash in the side should i
bet that come the figure was your loadings slowly in
the water are so that it would pick that my friend hooking up with me his those emerged get all right it kit it here co world karke cock carter cricket carpet ac cock contractor the lynn in a well all the in me for the good peace and if i could speak but even the moment for the people and that the people of the uh… and i am within that this microform my regular stump i’m one of many when the millions i must prepare you the truth what angle i must say that an englishman my first name and jack and quiet and onto it sort of individual are we still have that we have a job to do we do it the vivid florian naal he uh… ruled wal-mart where and we’ll walton who ny we known the at wall and and you’re all of the twentieth program a word that war we brought to a dramatization of logbook
park right laughter the book was about the paredo by edmund
brown dr part of jack was played by her odeon the music was adopted in song by
congress within the rules of the order the production was one of the direction
of mountain with them later or
we heard before we run out updation problem on minimum of one hundred will
roll over will appear in court and to tell the
story of the rightful home where the dwarf bought the u_n_
cooperation with a comparable to the wartime by the national broadcasting
company and its affiliated independently or that the the national broadcasting
company lots more persons for it combo prior and visit refuse to my story year is nineteen hundred and thirty
three speaking is idols this is the mother of the words of war
programs presented each week by the national broadcasting company in cooperation with the council’s on
books in wartime the preparatory scene you’ve just heard as described in herman russians profits
to the ten commandments upon him up ten short novels of hitler’s war against the
moral core the novels themselves were written by
ten distinguished rights and the story we present tonight the story that will be narrated by the
offer himself is hendrik dot on the loans benign man this is the man ballast there payments the kids instead itself policies historic
sites public places as for the return refugees is the right man restrictions on man indian too you see oakland samuel buildup of martha’s name and i should call the town relieved by
the name of new stuff reaches markets name either but i can tell you this it’s a very
ancient down done reaching its history back to the twelfth century typical dutch town with a typical dutch
people live you know blvd love or fear of god and god’s word and disrespect at least samuel picture frame eighteen was very
typically dutch you down at the whole revival is the
only really good book those industries mom’s dignified stubborn and tel within a matter of morals ninety was
distinctly narrow-minded but sam you also had a heart he was always willing to lend a helping
hand to those in trouble and that’s why i am damien nineteen
nineteen he and his group wise and company lowly at a new stubbornness students a
little railway station to welcome a train load of top star of
german children children would be no sympathy to fields
and results milton little elves the most pitiful victims has the latest outbreak of humans folly at issue physics go ahead tennessee senate except that kind of thing as he doesn’t speak on it from america or jesse it’s gone now arrive position clear irrespective of the times shit talked not understand that documents were right such as these much food to feed exactly
we have found it during the first weeks at least breakfast consisting of even
more than a slice of bread often causes casting discrepancies with proofread st go home to our okay drinking chambers strength the central illinois without screwing
was standing unions counting tech kits and too kaplan this issue and even speak our language
so when let me go a little dots political and
dutch boy animosity who called you a little more that’s it patient call you but that mean it right now this deduction inside seventy six knots
in this book when you see those needs now it’s not exactly a few symington i do
not chap and proud of it picked him up does act his new home you line was not exactly
spoiled based on the central tidbits her schurenberg you sweets cost money leading dutch calvin this agreed to be
opposed to the idea old wasting hired and pennies upon the
luxuries of life this turned out of the went so far in
the samuel household that the mother and father allowed themselves will be strange one
from listening to each day keeping depression streets in the silver
shuru blow the extended day and was locked in a
strong inbox deal vij misplaced underneath the family
bible aldridge numbing next chapter of our
little story o’connor yes and coming of age tastes so good vision possible commuters happen some mistake mckeon helped himself to
the contents of this should do could lead to peace it could not have been our own sunroom introduction god-fearing children ever had this to
mention do you know almost seemingly it couldn’t have he wouldn’t and uh… talking to me percent funny man have dismembered it used to sugar i wanted to be honest where you are
confessing that only to me but also to your god online help introduce to you should because at costco and fun shook thank you jim mathias camellia mother
four and talked to my cap but i’m not afraid of alumni king too soon for wickedness survey of
character that major committee’s scene not think many other people sixteen i took already convicted in the eyes of god it did not matter
with you to question him it is rift in the holy bible dial showed not scheme fortunately my boy you have not seen
defense the next commitment which tells you not to bear false witness you have not live but have confessed to
true deferential beating it with you but you’ve shown up to me this house
before you of copy these verses from a bible a hundred fold contact frontline thank you take a very long time dissecting on the boys and girls are
going for a picnic we cannot go on the stand assembly
referred to as i told you i am that was supposed to look up to
your physical well-being but for the moment at least your
tomatoes sold has been entrusted to my care students peace and quiet returned to his samuel
household than a month later became apparent ones more that someone was helping himself to be
content of your shoulder loft above and this time send you the sided with
his redistributes bacon and reform so we can sell new living room to lower
house who seem to be used to be and manages ohio fees so your mom
commute people from crying right before his eyes samuel didn’t mention one will you be
here until the next morning partially true for me did you once monsoon against one of
god’s holy commandments and steal what did not belong to you came and looked i did not distribution name ninety when you’re back exp twelve don i said to myself mainline concert sheet on one of the juror number of
god’s holy commandments i’ll show not bear false witness you understand that bombshell not bear false witness did not and twenty option and not asks son meeting distrustful two hundred twenty partial not bear false witness against
anyone accords with the actor so used to
children and now you bear false witness against
your own foster brother commitment to forgive me if i stay tuned
commuters differently from you soon all project of blue output in the city of groups etc except outbreak right here disruptive event i think you have that matches your goal for commuters who
loved his country into the water we bring him to loosen after that he can go to school uh… half-million didn’t go to school in
demand stand he must have disclosed he did you just turn these things victorian scholar opening combed his
hair in such a way at the bump on his head showed clearly
and then he took himself to be in town hall very serious until he found a bit of a
moscow soft penny was assured he was outside the
regular he burst out crying so pitifully it would have broken the harvest time burmeister and great alarms sounded one
for the chief of police in between them free-trading susan better youngster all right dot universiteit cuts do not recognize that quicken staying at the same yoshi ronnie
we have in cities he looks at the beach edge of his life the system which is history of the makings of a national
institute of that is true all foster parents know that i have no
circumstances where they can use corporal punishment upon the soldier
matthews group we should do ask bogged down the river supporter for u complaint mind he had uh… home dark eyes tell you what happened dot instead talked can hardly be true little well-taken care speech the that’s there honestly my boy i promise you that it will never happen
again during your stay at your stuff let’s forget all about children sir safe uh… that’s the idea is another quarter defiance of shop would you mind now you’re going home and be a good
bulletin do not mentions two integrity to anybody promised look that are not for his strength no financial district growl sc mind thanks mister apt man success he keeps monthly payments slide which is the point that speech for
refusing to take part in some pictures for crystal squeezed panelist to speak categorised by don’t get that pregnancy that’s alright s okay smut the you became very famous piece victories in some people resolutions and town council an old samuel poor old samuel was
partially hostas he’s quietly pretend not to notice analyst quietly gaming on the appointed
to you on long was all the other muslim refugees he climbed aboard the train the olympic to germany’s set little versions of the start of children
who arrived in houston months before and all the samuel family reared from new york arm who’s trying to see
the returned home attractive cadiz brief message and silk patron statute can be sure
action mac for yet soon sonya yuck mad rally is bound by groups and movements the old man was cried alone he tended to have to do the remained to
him united bible between time and then one day xxx his or her shop opened and wonderful sam resigned hot it up or money he’s going to see you and looking so fine and practiced was
too no longer will really be able to call
you a hundred and your honor but i still and the other you know i’m nothing has changed lieber papa i love you just as much as ever and uh… web brings you usually makes people believe
in not at all i spend a job and i wonder furloughed germany we all
have jobs but i have worked so hard that my
applied insist that i might take a shot fired off ir nino holiday and i thought why not do now what i’ve
always wanted to do visit ninety at old home and you’re
stuck that i was so happy as a child that uh… mind but they should read it and i hope you stay with us that where is management system pollution and the dimensions and skins
just to consistent and that my brother you will be on the jury duty is uh…
this testing when is the station indignant appeal do you remember the time with the real
leaves main how wonderful uh… then i can visit him pollution
necessary your money comes movies sending all but that’s not enough dr d i must go to backing up similar
conducted at to mike be shown easier on you shooting being managed trade reform insurance has
been on the stock what you think just product i’m not really a father at hot time steve young only two dutch
boy i speak the language going today so much so that in the train everybody
took me but i thought to be true knowledge about bob do you want me to really enjoy and my
friend my holiday couldn’t remember republican undoable i want you to go up in several visits to my foster brother at least i’d like to go at the army camp and i want to take some pictures of a
general countryside which i remember so fondly so i showed up well i need a bicycle and a quick camera and then i should like to use your
basement as a taco to develop my snapshot includes member of congress uh… my view the file you are wonderful yes i said have such a wet ratification and i should be more intimate to you
live and you would aba no ad gets interesting even so we’ll continue a little longer made a major springs dutchman feared samuel refrained from linda ciampa collection of he left
suddenly last night he didn’t even have time to send it back to
me production did leave me a note thanking me for
making his holiday to fix it just what i was afraid he got away with pictures of bridges
roads army encampment airfields everything i and spent your foster son recycled that german spy into the general staff of the german
army ac hand hieu mind do ca protect the school at him you see how we communicate items but have tried to knock him him some you
have me including thompson who bring him to realization of
the paper to return unless he changes his room style pad on a war is over canada tends to the west ac columnist army armored but greenspan’s them above ampato around prime ministers come from the most
happened kept islanders warren pad the big jeffrey major samuel protease broadcast of the few and he believed it he went upstairs and restraint is gone
from the fact produce some still see soldiers he didn’t know limit that very moment
samuel junior was laying did build a bullet through his heart the last of a half a dozen men would die
trying to do spent the day live from the mainland
convene he didn’t know did his son in his mates
had been shot in the back by a company of german soldiers dressed in dark uniform german soldiers who moved to the train
which will the growth here before they have been children of charity who
was saved from the dream made a big hearted fathers and mothers of these very manly nahin murder dan uh… up popiel time might do hostage stand and shot him to my son jag ya speaking kya talk radio dots light your don’t expect me to pick up a time
unique smita dot under your own satsuki bed to try to log on and i said child well you know that’s up to a german
justice brew dot and was prudent even him and justice
can somebody pampering will never ever removed him from the men it sit downs at the achilles now on my new insisted there idling surprise you more than accepted and we did a terrific you are going to be a free man i see that’s taken edwin ignite that drive to get to is
very serious him and children are secret must be
protected now last expanded to future especially when those children that
grown into william document as i have said warmth in my deposition menu i flashed into your um… relying media
as i know i a m read all the evidence and that come to the conclusion that the
deserved it that you must remember these so i think you are and situated with a
potty break on that so much so that he’s been spying on me
so petty officer next instead twenty five speak like a little cakes to transfer
and then he is no longer here in houston no he’s not university untill you again the french so all of that brings me to my point devoted at many years ago or that nobody’s is today it would make you are an old man and old people out now active object or supposed to prepaid you forgot and have not forgot minded in melon came here i have a stupid people it
leads and it may be different deployment under rule have exceeded and abusive tactful
dependent child exhausted scanner mythical and so i did send you would be decided
played against yours hale i know if the company yes cited that you can look at lvl
freeman story many of the captain that could not do that punish who burned program or with men hi could not now will bear both with mismanagement militancy men used to residual full and hope to speak do you know what it means tubes utilized outlaw sab duly-elected under which which they had
leave behind a gifted tight my speech shot minute clip unprotected exciting i cannot monday by can not fault workman cheap to save your life it’s and who did it of and known the on witnessed and sixty-three nevertheless mining it’s so stands for me sexual acts were when you cognos eight did my best i would like to shake hands with you sir correctly menu that feeds moment too many them really doing your duty mercredi contributing picture group people who do you agree sent uh… non-recurring holds samuel of brain making must build up against the wall of the
proven beyond the city of new stuff and he was shot to be there adaran and and and words of mourners was under the mud
hundred belum belonged remind come on one of ten short novels of hitler’s war
against the moral core written by penn world-famous offers and
published in the volume called the pan come on our script was prepared by richard
mcdonnell and hundred bumble on a pair of the
story teller other than the conferee many johnson as
mr samuel elizabeth morgan as mrs samuel brawny less played johan of the child date malam was johan the young man music with a random played by william a
meter and the entire production was directed
by anton leader ha here uh… backed required but more would prove
that they’d helen have the uh… by almost all another innocent of the war book
adaptations brought to you in cooperation with a
couple of books and wartime by the national broadcasting company in cooperation with the independent
radio stations affiliated would be a big hug this to the national broadcasting

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